February 2015: Spit Bridge to Manly

Summer in Sydney is glorious. There are coastal walks, like the Spit Bridge to Manly, with little quiet beaches. If the sun gets to much you can duck off the track and take a swim with next to no one.   


September 2014: Muogamarra Nature Reserve

 Muogamarra Nature Reserve is open for six short weeks a year during Spring. All the plants are flowering, the native bees are out in force, the weather is perfect and you get sweeping views across the sandstone country of the Hawkesbury River.  And if you’re extra lucky, your loved ones take you for pie at Pie in the Sky across the road or down to Brooklyn for fish and chips afterwards.

July 2014: Watson’s Bay to Circular Quay

It turns out that if you go looking for stuff to do in Sydney, there is actually stuff to do and people to do stuff with! One beautiful winter day in July I met up with a bunch of complete strangers and walked along the coastline from Watson’s Bay to Circular Quay. There were cliffs and bays and delightful gardens and places to swim. There was also coffee and pie. Damn fine way to spend a weekend.


Wilabalangaloo Reserve, South Australia

River walk, viewing platform over the Murray. 3-6 million year old cliffs of oxidising sands.

Read more at the National Trust of South Australia website

Overland Corner

The Overland Corner is a nature reserve managed by the National Trust of South Australia and is situated on the Murray River at the Heron Bend Cliffs. The limestones that make up the cliffs are full of fossil oysters, lace corals, sea urchins, lamp shells, snails, cones and cowries. The layering of the cliffs indicate the presence of a warm shallow sea some 15 million years ago and then the retreat of that sea around 5 million years ago, leaving a river and creek system in its place. There are three short self guided walks which take you to quarries where you can see the changing geology and fossils, with bonus Aboriginal sites like canoe trees and an ochre quarry and 19th century hotels, police stations and cemeteries.

Source: The Geological History of Overland Corner, National Trust of South Australia.

June 2014: Walking from Brooklyn to Cowan

One weekend in June I joined the bevy of noble-minded hikers training to walk the Great North Walk for Oxfam. The day’s endeavours: the 11km segment between Brooklyn and Cowan. It wasn’t the most inviting of days but we met plenty of enthusiastic walkers getting up their kms. The day ended well with a rewarding pie from the Berowra Bakery on the highway. I highly recommend visiting Dave Noble’s walking blog and checking out his much more fitting tribute to the walk, then exploring the rest of his blog. Amazing photographs.

In the meantime, here is the dark and gloomy evidence…


March 2014 – River walk along the Murrumbidgee at Balranald

It was a dark and stormy afternoon along the Murrumbidgee River.

It was a dark and stormy afternoon along the Murrumbidgee River.