The last of Portugal

With no camera, photos are a bit sparse. We caught a bus from Lisbon to Coimbra, stayed in the Grand Hostel Coimbra for a few days. Hostel was full of young people partying. I had a migraine. Match made in heaven. Nice old university library and Roman galleries. From Coimbra we caught the train to Porto. Stayed in the Porto Spot Hostel. Another good hostel. Walked around, saw some things, drank some port. Caught the bus to Madrid. Not the most effecient way to travel. Fortunately the scenery was beautiful. Lots of eucalypts and acacias. It felt like home. Those gave way olive trees and abandoned dry stone wall terracing. Lots of abandoned farm houses, sheds and barns. It started to snow.

Arrived in Madrid at 10pm. Pissing down with rain. Dark, freezing cold. Sun’s out now and the birds and traffic are chirping. Time to explore.