Day 8 – Isle of Pines

More snorkeling and swimming at Isle of Pines.

Day 7 – Mystery Island

There are over 10,000 photos of Inyeug (Mystery Island) tagged in Flickr. The island is roughly 1km2 so that’s one photo every 100m2. Not bad for a little spit of land.

Day 6 – Port Vila

Snorkel! Fish!

Day 5 – Lifou

Beach! Snorkel! Fish! Fossils! Grottoes! No more needs to be said.

Playa del Carmen and Cozumel Island

We left Cancun with an uncomfortable sense of complicity. We didn’t fill in the causeways, destroy turtle breeding grounds by constructing heavily subsidized tourists resorts or create a false economy by purchasing an all inclusive holiday package. We didn’t engage in the multi-national dialogue of wet t-shirt competitions. But we were there and we were some of the million tourists eating, sleeping and defecating without regard to the residents or the long term. Such is the nature of most tourism.

We arrived in Playa del Carmen by the ADO bus and bunked at the new and shiny Hostel 3B. A good hostel. I took an inexplicable dislike to the beach. This was unfortunate as Playa del Carmen consists of doof doof clubs, people hawking tourist souvenirs and a beach. The highlight of our Playa del Carmen sojourn was our day trip to Cozumel Island. We hired a motorscooter for 400 pesos and did a circuit of the island. We saw iguanas sunning themselves on the Mayan ruins of San Gervasio. We snorkeled amongst the fish along the relatively undeveloped eastern shore of the island. It was a fun day. Another a day Matt and I visited one of the many cenotes named Chacmool. He dived, I snorkeled.

Playa del Carmen of Playa del Carmen

Fifth Avenue - main street, tourist zone