A Segway Segue into Portugal

Smooth. We flew into Lisbon around 10th February and made our way to the Travellers House on rue Augusta. There we stayed for two weeks because we liked it so much. Best hostel we’ve stayed in to date. plug http://web.me.com/travellershouse/Site/hostel.html


Police on rollerbades

Another day, another demostration in Mexico City

We saw several protests and rallies in Mexico City. They included protests for releasing alleged religious prisoners, justice in education and retired soldier pensions. Whenever there was a protest there was a huge influx in police. Large personnel carriers would park in the backstreets and police would be carrying riot gear and standing in lines of 20 or 30. In the morning of the 30-31st rally there were more police than demosnstraters. On a non eventful day, three policemen can be found on any street corner in the Zocalo. Some patrol the pedestrian thoroughfares on segways.

27th January protest along Republica de Brazil

Rally in the Zocalo (30-31st January)

One of at least ten police transports watching the rally

The blurry figure to the right of the pink blur is a policeman riding a segway