Pump house on the Murray River


Woodshed Brewery

The Wilkadene Woolshed Brewery. Micro brewery, refit of a historical woolshed, historical homestead and Ye olde cottages and paraphenalia, water recycling, cheese, river views, local produce. My inner inner westie /wanker from Williamsburg soul just shed (hah!) happy little tears. Ploughman’s lunch, ale and a bottle of wattleseed balsamic vinegar so I could reproduce Calpernum Station’s toffee.

The only thing that could make it better would be tiny vintage irons. Oh wait, there were tiny vintage irons.





Headings Cliff, South Australia



Wilabalangaloo Reserve, South Australia

River walk, viewing platform over the Murray. 3-6 million year old cliffs of oxidising sands.

Read more at the National Trust of South Australia website

Overland Corner

The Overland Corner is a nature reserve managed by the National Trust of South Australia and is situated on the Murray River at the Heron Bend Cliffs. The limestones that make up the cliffs are full of fossil oysters, lace corals, sea urchins, lamp shells, snails, cones and cowries. The layering of the cliffs indicate the presence of a warm shallow sea some 15 million years ago and then the retreat of that sea around 5 million years ago, leaving a river and creek system in its place. There are three short self guided walks which take you to quarries where you can see the changing geology and fossils, with bonus Aboriginal sites like canoe trees and an ochre quarry and 19th century hotels, police stations and cemeteries.

Source: The Geological History of Overland Corner, National Trust of South Australia.

June 2014 – Calpernum Station

Quandong cheesecake with wattle seed balsamic toffee. Local produce, research and land management. More Murray River fun times!
IMG_2382.JPG IMG_2396.JPG

June 2014 – Todd’s Obelisk

Todd’s Obelisk (Source: Murray-Darling Basin Authority http://images.mdba.gov.au/displayimage.php?album=133&pos=34)

The day I stood at the boundary marker of South Australia and New South Wales, ate a mandarin and exchanged sarcastic comments with a pretty awesome German PhD candidate who had been busy drilling holes in the Murrumbidgee to date it. Worse ways to spend a day.