A rather perfect day

Paris and I did not get along well on first acquaintances. And then this meeting we had a supremely awesome day which involved a mad rush to visit as many museums as possible on the museum pass, steak frittes, a bottle of wine, a delightful waitress, the Arc de Triumphe at night and clothes shopping at midnight. Such was the greatness of steak and fries and wine and dessert that I actually enjoyed clothes shopping. We were the last customers served and were escorted from the building by security guards. Metro back to our accommodation, jazz music wafting through Montmarte.

Paris Blues

Sacre Couer - home to a fine view of Paris, stoned scammers, used condoms and the smell of piss. Also an Amelie location.

Mmm, seven euro creme brulee at the Museu d'Orsay

Rubbe duckie, you're the one...

Like shootong fish in a barrel.