Broken Hill is a damn fine place to visit. As is Silverton and the Day Dream Mine.  Old stuff, industrial stuff, great artwork, friendly artists, horses, dips in the road, stories about how people mined in ye olden days and dramatically shortened their life expectancy in the process.

Old mine shaft at Broken Hill

Broken Hill Sculpture Park

Like good little tourists my friend and I took ourselves to Broken Hill’s sculpture park. Here are my contributions to the large quantity of photos of the sculpture park already in existence on the internet.

The town of Broken Hill

Right now I’m on a cruise ship, hopefully soaking up the sun, sipping cocktails in a cocktail dress or snorkeling (hopefully not in a cocktail dress).  In the mean time, here are snapshots from a road trip to Broken Hill that took place back in August. Attempts to find a two-up game in honour of Wake in Fright failed but there were ample compensations – more posts to follow.  Snorkeling opportunities may be limited in the outback but Broken Hill definitely deserves a second visit.

A town beneath a spoil heap and a fancy restaurant perched on top of that spoil heap

Such milkshakes! My lunch consisted of a coconut rough milkshake and a hot dog. I even bought my fellow a ye olde potato gun.