Gregory Porter at the Blue Beat, Double Bay

It was a warm and humid night on Monday in Sydney and Gregory Porter had done what no other had done – given me reason to enter the eastern suburb of Double Bay. Blue Beat was a swish club with a fancy bar. We were lucky enough to grab a bench and stool adjacent the stage, perfectly situated near the kitchen so that I could wistfully gaze at the delicious looking chocolate desserts that were whisked passed for the patrons who had known to reserve a table in advance. The clientele  were not the usual jazz afficienados I had seen previously at the Sound Lounge or Venue 505 or assorted pubs. They were groomed and glossy.  At some length, Gregory Porter sang and it was all good. Bloody good. There’s an energy to Porter’s performances that doesn’t always translate to the recorded albums. The audience was ecstatic, the band highly responsive to the singer. A great, great night.