March 2015: Balmoral Beach

A few years ago I wrote about the¬†shell collection. In March I found myself back at Balmoral Beach, scampering barefoot over the rocky shoreline, trying to fit between the sandstone boulders¬†that one contained precious ‘secret caves’ – little alcoves that were repositories for broken bits of shell and sea-worn glass. Things were familiar but different. New paths had been made, grass was worn, some trees had gone. The populations of shell creatures had changed, there were more of some species and less of others. A few sunny hours reveling in childhood memories, fueled by fish and chips of course.

February 2015: Spit Bridge to Manly

Summer in Sydney is glorious. There are coastal walks, like the Spit Bridge to Manly, with little quiet beaches. If the sun gets to much you can duck off the track and take a swim with next to no one.   


A blood stained lizard at Manly



One glorious summer weekend on the South Coast, drinking cheese and eating wine. Snorting oysters and sampling teas. Snorkelling barrier beaches and watching terribly addictive and nonsensical Taiwanese soap dramas.

The Lakes Way

My partner and I went on a road-trip to Tuncurry-Forster in the Great Lakes area, north of Newcastle. It was stinking hot. The air-conditioning in the car didn’t work. The packet of Allen’s snakes had melted into a gelatinous viscous fluid. The fabric that covered the car roof kept falling down, allowing the decaying foam above it to break away and blow through the car like our own personal orange snow storm (without the cool relief). So we were stinking hot, sweaty, sugarless and covered in granules of decaying old foam. It’s not every day that instead of stopping at Bulahdelah for a coffee or an antique automobile festival, you stop for a staple gun. With the roof fabric stapled back in some semblance of place, we arrived in Tuncurry-Forster to a shower, beaches, fish and chips, excellent coffee at Tartt, dolphins and whales. On the way home we drove the Lakes Way, resplendent with more beaches and forest and rain clouds.

Terrigal, Central Coast

Playa del Maya, Tulum