December 2014: Murrumbidgee

I remember thinking September to December last year was the busiest, craziest time of my life! Shout out to the good folk at Balranald, my home away from home. Breakfast at the bakery, lunch at Cafe Cassaro (when not in a paddock somewhere), dinner at the Golden Chain. This visit even involved a trip to the local art gallery. And stones, bones, lizards and sheep of course.  

October 2014: Another Lizard or two for Balranald

Bones, stones and lizards. Another month of adventures in Balranald

March 2014 – River walk along the Murrumbidgee at Balranald

It was a dark and stormy afternoon along the Murrumbidgee River.

It was a dark and stormy afternoon along the Murrumbidgee River.

Sheep, Lizard, Cockatoo



Or should that be cockatoo, lizard, sheep? Some of the stock and wildlife that a typical day in the field might bring out in Western NSW.

Cemeteries of Balranald

I like to visit cemeteries. They are usually peaceful, contemplative and offer insight into the people of a town over time. Individuals, families, different cultures have different ways of dealing with grief and respecting their loved ones. Cemeteries offer a glimpse of that.   Sometimes an elaborate grave, sometimes a chair by a headstone, a statue or objects by the grave. I met an individual who made markers and tributes for relatives and individuals of his community whose graves were unmarked. It was humbling to see his work.

Sunset on the Station

Another week surveying, another week of sunsets from north of Balranald.






Sunset in western New South Wales



On a property north of Balranald.