Good Morning sunshine!


Mungo Lodge

In August we were lucky enough to stay at Mungo Lodge. It was jolly nice to finish the day with a refreshing drink on the balcony, a stroll to Lake Mungo and a dessert of creme brulee. Wildlife a plenty, especially the kind with a magnetic attraction to moving vehicles. The snakes had obviously noticed Spring was approaching and, judging by their tracks, had been busily soaking up the sun on the dirt roads.

Friday at the Flea Market

From Sky Hostel we moved to Boombully Hostel on the opposite side of the river. Good hostel. Lunch at a Georgian restaurant. That’s a bear. To the left of the frame is a mongoose holding a snake.

We spent the afternoon wandering through the flea market. It’s meant to be twice the size on Saturdays.








First day in Tbilisi

We flew into Tblisi around 4.30am on an Air Baltic flight. It was cold and raining. Our hostel had organised free airport pick-up. The driver drove fast, swerved around potholes and managed to have us at our hostel by 5.30 or so. After a couple of hours sleep we went out to explore.

View from hostel

A Segway Segue into Portugal

Smooth. We flew into Lisbon around 10th February and made our way to the Travellers House on rue Augusta. There we stayed for two weeks because we liked it so much. Best hostel we’ve stayed in to date. plug

First Night in Mexico City

21 January

We said goodbye to Merida after too short a stay. I hope to get back some day. After all, I completely missed Uxmal and a dozen other archaeological sites. Have arrived in Mexico City. Am beginning to appreciate the term ‘mega-city.’ I think I might take advantage of the hop on hop off bus until I get my bearings.

We are staying at the Casa de los Amigos ( For now it is comfortable and communal and full of cheerful Quakers doing community outreach programs. The library on the top floor was the studio of muralist José Clemente Orozco.

We walked through the historic centre tonight and it was thronging with people full of delightfully gentrified shops like McDonalds, up market frozen yoghurt, jewelery, bookshops etc. Lots of restaurants. Also museums and art galleries. The buildings (in
which the shops and museums are found) are beautiful and ornate.

Valladolid and Merida

We stayed at Hostel La Candelaria in Valladolid mid Januray and used that as our base to visit Chichen Itza and Ek Balam (See previous posts). The highlights of La Candelaria were the garden out the back, the hammocks and the chihuahas Bob and Kelvgin who insisted on curling up in my lap to keep warm.

From Vallodolid we headed to Merida. We bought our groceries in the local market, enjoyed free live music in Santa Lucia square and wandered through the busy streets on the narrow footpaths.