Decoding The Origins Of Ötzi’s Gut Flora

Source: Decoding The Origins Of Ötzi’s Gut Flora

June 2015: Capertee Valley

Landscape formation on its typically grand scale on the road from the Blue Mountains.  

Finding the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Dr. Stepahine Dalley talks us through her theory about Sennacherib’s garden and engineering projects and how they might relate to the stories of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Available on SBS on demand until 13 September.

Clarke and Dawe

February 2015: Grand Canyon Loop, Blue Mountains

These warm winter days remind me of summer weekend adventures in the Blue Mountains. The Grand Canyon Loop was a pleasant half day walk with some steep inclines and some delightful ravines, sandstone formations and waterfalls. The humidity turned into a storm and provided some very welcome coolness after the climb back to the car. Well worth it if you find yourself in the upper Blue Mountains. Here are some handy links…

The Grand Canyon Loop – Bushwalking NSW

National Parks

February 2015: Spit Bridge to Manly

Summer in Sydney is glorious. There are coastal walks, like the Spit Bridge to Manly, with little quiet beaches. If the sun gets to much you can duck off the track and take a swim with next to no one.   


A blood stained lizard at Manly