Gwynedd coal


Betwys-e-Coed, Wales

Back in November, as part of the UK trip, a friend and I stayed briefly in Snowdonia for the purpose of riding ponies. These are not photos of ponies. This is the walk from town towards Swallow Falls. 20140110-175923.jpg20140110-180057.jpg20140110-180134.jpg20140110-180153.jpg

Castlerigg Stone Circle


Hadrian’s Wall near Walltown and Greenhead

Rocks on top of one another in a wonky line. Superb. This was followed by a great pub lunch at the local pub and a long long drive through the Lakes District to Great Harwood. Bottle of wine and pizza at the Dog and Otter was worth the drive.

Road Trip through Scotland II

On the road from Glencoe to Glasgow. Seriously Scotland, seriously?

Glencoe, you are too beautiful

And if I ever get back to Scotland, this is where I’ll be walking. Rugged mountains, waterfalls, moors at sunset. Why oh why did we only have time to drive through.

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis. Highest mountain in the British Isles. We took the cable car to a peak about half the height of Ben Nevis, watched the snow blow in and out and walked to some of the nearby lookouts. Ben Nevis occasionally grimaced from behind the cloud cover. A young Scottish BMX team were being filmed practicing their starts down the hill. Lunch was a venison burger and more importantly a hot toddy using whiskey from the local Ben Nevis distillery. This was made all the more better watching hard working people outside hiking and mountain biking up and down steep hills in the freezing cold.