The last of Portugal

With no camera, photos are a bit sparse. We caught a bus from Lisbon to Coimbra, stayed in the Grand Hostel Coimbra for a few days. Hostel was full of young people partying. I had a migraine. Match made in heaven. Nice old university library and Roman galleries. From Coimbra we caught the train to Porto. Stayed in the Porto Spot Hostel. Another good hostel. Walked around, saw some things, drank some port. Caught the bus to Madrid. Not the most effecient way to travel. Fortunately the scenery was beautiful. Lots of eucalypts and acacias. It felt like home. Those gave way olive trees and abandoned dry stone wall terracing. Lots of abandoned farm houses, sheds and barns. It started to snow.

Arrived in Madrid at 10pm. Pissing down with rain. Dark, freezing cold. Sun’s out now and the birds and traffic are chirping. Time to explore.


Sintra is roughly a 30 minute train ride from Lisbon. It has mountains, forests and castles. It has a high level of pretty. The pretty was not captured by my camera as my camera had met with an unfortunate falling off the table recharging accident. I hate those.

Pena Palace,Sintra one of the many palaces in Europe. It's fantastical and shows how pretty cement can be.

The walk to Quinta da Regaleira

Roughly translated "Vegans are more sexy"

One of the turrets at Quinta da Regaleira. Fun for the young at heart.

From inside a grotto at Quinta da Regaleira. We explored lots of dark underground passages and climbed out through a 25m deep well

The cemetery at the Estrella end of tram line 28

Sunshine, lollipops...

The homeless find shelter in the crypts


Heading west along the foreshore of Lisbon from the ferry terminal...

Was a collection of a spoons in varying states of oxidation

In the alleyways off the 28 tram line, someone was filming an advertisement or movie with a mysterious orange car that had no number plates

More street art from Lisbon

Street art in Alfama

Street art, graffiti, tagging are all big in Lisbon. We even passed a trendy, upmarket spraypaint can shop.

Here’s the flickr pool/

And here’s a small collection from our wanderings in Alfama, the oldest Lisbon district…

My favourite. Across Lisbon someone has created stencil replicas of tile patterns then stencilled in the missing tiles.

A Segway Segue into Portugal

Smooth. We flew into Lisbon around 10th February and made our way to the Travellers House on rue Augusta. There we stayed for two weeks because we liked it so much. Best hostel we’ve stayed in to date. plug