Straying Plans

Heading to Crete tomorrow. My run of poor timing continues. The Heraklion Archaeological Museum has been closed for renovations since 2006 and only has a temporary exhibit (which fortunately includes 400 important pieces). The archaeological site of Akrotiri/Thera on Santorini is still closed after the 2005 roof collapse.

I have a soft spot for Minoan and Mycenean Greece after studying it for Ancient History in the HSC (many years ago). Volcanic eruptions, tsunami theories, dilemmas of conserving, restoring and reconstructing frescoes, Linear A and B, rhytons, pithoi, priestesses, my introduction to Mother Goddess theories, bull-leaping, boxing, saffron, agate and carnellion seals, Mediterranean trade, the life and works of Evans, Marinatos and Doumas. Akrotiri being closed is a huge disappointment.

I’m going to have to live vicariously through the internet.

The virtual tour of Theran wall-paintings reproduced at the at Petros M. Nomikos Conference Center, Santorini.
Theran Founation Projects
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