A rather perfect day

Paris and I did not get along well on first acquaintances. And then this meeting we had a supremely awesome day which involved a mad rush to visit as many museums as possible on the museum pass, steak frittes, a bottle of wine, a delightful waitress, the Arc de Triumphe at night and clothes shopping at midnight. Such was the greatness of steak and fries and wine and dessert that I actually enjoyed clothes shopping. We were the last customers served and were escorted from the building by security guards. Metro back to our accommodation, jazz music wafting through Montmarte.

Allowing fish stocks to replenish

One of the highlights of our trip to Paris was sneaking into the Louvre on our expired Museum Pass and picknicking on the steps of one of the galleries. We carefully ate our baguettes and smelly cheese over the free museum guides before being scolded and moved on by the security guard. Not a single crumb was spilt and no artwork was harmed. Because really, the people who can’t afford the seven euros in the museum caf├ęs for an espresso coffee and three half mouthfuls of cake don’t deserve low blood sugar.
Next time maybe we should try for the fastest time through the Louvre.
Bande a parte vs the Dreamers
We stayed until closing time, greedily eyeing every painting and statue we could as the staff gently corralled the lingerers towards the exits. Magic.

An example of Paris’ famous penis bread


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Gwynedd coal


Betwys-e-Coed, Wales

Back in November, as part of the UK trip, a friend and I stayed briefly in Snowdonia for the purpose of riding ponies. These are not photos of ponies. This is the walk from town towards Swallow Falls. 20140110-175923.jpg20140110-180057.jpg20140110-180134.jpg20140110-180153.jpg

Castlerigg Stone Circle


Hadrian’s Wall near Walltown and Greenhead

Rocks on top of one another in a wonky line. Superb. This was followed by a great pub lunch at the local pub and a long long drive through the Lakes District to Great Harwood. Bottle of wine and pizza at the Dog and Otter was worth the drive.