Pump house on the Murray River


The Mildura Arts Centre and the Rio Vista House

The roads (and planes) in my life often lead to Mildura on the banks of the Murray River. Population of around 30,000. Award winning vanilla slices, an excellent Thai restaurant, one of the many stomping grounds of Big Lizzie, riverboats, wine and all the amenities one needs to set out on an adventure to the Murray/Murrumbidgee/Darling Rivers wonderland. In a July visit this year, I visited the Rio Vista Homestead, once the home of the Chaffey Brothers and now a regional art gallery and museum. I learnt interesting things about irrigation, took in some art and then nursed a cup of tea as I read Mildura Living and eavesdropped on other people’s conversations.


June 2014: The Bendigo Pillow fort

Many thanks to Katie of the Bike and the Blog for capturing my inner outer child.

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June 2014: Castlemaine

Antiques and canon and coffee and alarming mower emissions in Castlemaine. Learn more about Castlemaine, named after a Viscount Castlemaine, from our ever favourite universal bastion of popular knowledge Wikipedia.

June 2014: Maldon Railway

A couple of times a year I get to tag along on adventures with an amazing group of creative women. Over the last decade we have written enormous collaborative plays and stories, gone on ridiculous roadtrips, abused road signs and gotten high on cheese, sugar and alcohol. Some have knitted bunny ears for their long suffering puppy, crochetted owls, researched the fun and the gruesome side of medical history, learnt, taught and played a range of musical instruments in an assortment of bands and discovered a passion for Korean pop and all things Korean.  Two years ago we sailed around some Pacific islands on some kind of floating amalgamation of a RSL and Westfield,  in January we relaxed in the town of Merimbula.  Over the next couple of posts I’m going to share some of our June adventures in the Victorian goldfields. Most of the photos are thanks to the very talented Katie. You can read about her craftiness on her blog Wool Geek, her retro biking adventures at the Bike and the Blog. More of her photos, cats and exploration of historical and abandoned places can be found on her flickrstream.

Today’s photo collection comes from the historic Maldon railway station. We may have gotten a bit silly. For the most serious, learn more about the railroads of Victoria.

June 2014: Melbourne and a museum

There have been times in my life when I have struggled with tremendous doubts and low self esteem. Not any more, now I know my true worth! Melbourne Museum, keep up the excellent work. Fossils, great use of interactive displays to show time and spatial relationships.  I felt like a god making volcanoes erupt all over Victoria, tsunamis along the shoreline. Mwahaha etc. Can’t get to Melbourne, be bemused with the virtual exhibition – 600 million years: Victoria evolves.

Pure gold!

Pure gold!


More treasures from the Melbourne Museum


Pip pip Royal Exhibition Centre, you and your plague of siblings across the globe.

Shell of the Day – Scutus Antipode

CLARE: I can’t believe how excited I am about this project. I’ve been itching for 5pm since 9am.

GENERAL (imaginary) AUDIENCE: But Clare, everybody wishes work was over on a Friday.

CLARE: But most people on Friday wish work was over for parties and friends and alcoholic beverages.

GENERAL (imaginary) AUDIENCE: And sleep, you forgot sleep.

CLARE: … and for sleep. But I wanted work to be over for this….

Have you seen anything so damn bloody adorable?? Look at his little eye! (Source: Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary, click for link). I haven’t been this overwhelmed by cuteness since fighting Diablo in Act IV of Diablo II. And I’ve spent a lot of unnecessary hours looking at little bunnies at Cute Overload.

The elephant slug is actually a marine snail that grazes on algae and belongs to the same family (Fissurellidae) as key-hole limpets.  They often turn up in Aboriginal shell middens in Victoria. The black flesh was cut away to eat the muscular foot (Museum of Victoria). I believe all of my specimens of elephant slug/snail come from NSW.


Scutus Antipode in my collection


For Katie…