March 2015: Balmoral Beach

A few years ago I wrote about the shell collection. In March I found myself back at Balmoral Beach, scampering barefoot over the rocky shoreline, trying to fit between the sandstone boulders that one contained precious ‘secret caves’ – little alcoves that were repositories for broken bits of shell and sea-worn glass. Things were familiar but different. New paths had been made, grass was worn, some trees had gone. The populations of shell creatures had changed, there were more of some species and less of others. A few sunny hours reveling in childhood memories, fueled by fish and chips of course.

February 2015: The Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour in Sydney

Two things I’m rather fond of are visiting art galleries and visiting gardens. Here are some photos from a visit to the Chinese Gardens of Friendship at Darling Harbour in Sydney. I also recommend the White Rabbit Gallery for some great art that just about always inspires a conversation.

February 2015: Spit Bridge to Manly

Summer in Sydney is glorious. There are coastal walks, like the Spit Bridge to Manly, with little quiet beaches. If the sun gets to much you can duck off the track and take a swim with next to no one.   


Sun setting on June 2015

Many a sunrise and sunset in the locality of Mudgee were appreciated on the drive to and from work this June. The month ended with a trip to the Mudgee monumental cemetery. All this gadding about was sustained by the delicious food to be had at Alby and Esther’s, Isabella’s (the Genovese and ravioli are lipsmackingly good) and Elton’s. Many thanks Mudgee for the great trip.



Gore Hill Cemetery 

Cemeteries, can’t live with them, can’t live without ’em.

Mothers Day at Mount Wilson

Last Mothers Day, the clan explored Joadja. This year we hitched the horses to the cart and rode up Bells Line of Road to Mount Wilson. We caught the last of the autumn colours, picnicked in the park, visited a number of the open gardens and ducked around the numerous lovers taking photos kissing beneath the maples.

Winter sun on the Hawkesbury River

Too beautiful a day to pass up a coffee and fish and chips at Brooklyn after a morning of fieldwork. 23 degrees celcius – I just want to jump in for a swim! 

Good morning from Lake Benanee

Hells bells, folks. It’s a glorious morning today on the road. 


Good Morning sunshine!


December 2014: Murrumbidgee

I remember thinking September to December last year was the busiest, craziest time of my life! Shout out to the good folk at Balranald, my home away from home. Breakfast at the bakery, lunch at Cafe Cassaro (when not in a paddock somewhere), dinner at the Golden Chain. This visit even involved a trip to the local art gallery. And stones, bones, lizards and sheep of course.