The pass to Milford Sound

Windfarm Commisioner

And here’s some of the Australian government’s dirty laundry this week:

Why should federal government fund public education?

Guards in detention centres on Nauru bartering for and taping sex with asylum seekers 

Did Australians really use tax payer money to pay people smugglers to sail back to Indonesia?

And some general changes to legislation like:

stripping people of citizenship, reducing the renewable energy targets, copyright amendments and piracy infringements, indexing fuel excise, social services.

When in doubt, call something a death cult and an enemy twice a day. It’s even more effective in shutting down debate than accusing someone of being the PC thought police and un-Australian.


Government is threatened with High Court Case that challenges the legality of imprisonment and processing of asylum seekers offshore and the legality of spending tax payers money to do so. Government rushes through amendments to the new Migration Act to retrospectively create new laws so that offshore processing and spending tax payers money cannot be challenged in the High Court.

Man, I wish I could just change the rules every time someone threatens to challenge me on anything. “Actually, no, sir. You may have written that coffee was $4.30 but see how I’ve just crossed out the price on the menu and replaced it with $1? I’m paying you $1. Pfft, never mind your reasoning behind the $4.30 or the consequences of my actions on your current staff.” Or, “Man, I know that you can probably prove that the ocean has water in it but I totally don’t want to think about how small and inadequate and possible incorrect that makes me and can you imagine all the textbooks we’re going to need to reprint and all the angry people who are going to yell at me, again? Actually, this whole thought process has been really inconvenient and expensive.   Nope, I decree that the ocean is made up predominately of luminescent aardvarks and that you can never bring this up again. Oh and the nature of the ocean is a topic of national security and the space in which we become who we are as a nation so, no, really don’t bring it up again.”

Everyone’s favourite kea stop in the Fiordland National Park

On the road in the Fiordland National Park

Words actually have meaning

Winter sun on the Hawkesbury River

Too beautiful a day to pass up a coffee and fish and chips at Brooklyn after a morning of fieldwork. 23 degrees celcius – I just want to jump in for a swim! 

A second day in Queenstown… and beyond.