The Crystal Gallery Ice Sculpture Contest in Anchorage, A Review

Danielwalldammit at northierthanthou, a keen observer of human nature and cross cultural interaction, has stepped up his reviewing skills with this searingly insightful commentary on the Crystal Gallery Ice Sculpture Contest at Anchorage.

Good morning!


Last year I was in anchorage in early December, just a bit too early to catch the completed ice sculptures of this annual competition. I still got some interesting pics, but as I didn’t get the final products, what I got never quite found its way into the blog. This year, I’m stoked, because I’m in town later than before, and that means I get to check out the completed work.


So, let’s have a look at the completed projects for this year’s Crystal Gallery Ice Competition.

(You may of course click on an image to embiggen it.)


We can begin with this spectacular bit of minimalism, well placed in front of a colorful tree. It takes courage for an artist to run with an idea like this. Such a simple composition and so profound, all of it beautifully executed.

I really like this one.

??????????????????????????????? Now this piece…

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