WOMAD: Planet Earth Saved

Adelaide knows how to host a festival. The weekend of the 8-10 March was WOMADelaide, Captain Planet’s music festival of choice. Three days in the Botanic Park sitting on the lush verdant grass in the shade under towering pines listening to music from around the world. Thirty five degrees celcius? No worries, have a coconut, refill your water bottle at the refill station and run under the sprinklers and then you’re ready to shake your booty to Jon Cleary and the Monster Gentleman or for those struggling to isolate their posterior have booty shaking lessons with dancers from Femi Kuti and the Positives.
Rock before lunch to the Coloured Stones then ragtime to Pokey LaFlarge with a fresh blackberry jam doughnut. Happy hip hop with Arrested Development and chow down some Coffin Bay oysters. Lior, burger, string quartets serenading shepherds, baklava, Red Baraat, govindas.

Starting to feel guilty about over consumption? Listen to life affirming talks by individuals like Femi Kuti.
Fairy lights and lanterns, folks, make everything better… except poverty… and greed.

So basically, living the ideal gluttonist hedonistic latte-leftie white middle class dream with bonus recycling and biodegradable eating utensils. All to do now is donate to some world saving charities, fight the good fight, love, respect, learn and educate and buy some harem pants. This is Clare signing out and saving the world through one self indulgent edible treat at a time (and having a hell of a good time).


One Response to WOMAD: Planet Earth Saved

  1. Katie says:

    ‘No worries, have a coconut’ shall be my go-to phrase from this point on, when I don’t know what else to say.

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