Allowing fish stocks to replenish

One of the highlights of our trip to Paris was sneaking into the Louvre on our expired Museum Pass and picknicking on the steps of one of the galleries. We carefully ate our baguettes and smelly cheese over the free museum guides before being scolded and moved on by the security guard. Not a single crumb was spilt and no artwork was harmed. Because really, the people who can’t afford the seven euros in the museum cafés for an espresso coffee and three half mouthfuls of cake don’t deserve low blood sugar.
Next time maybe we should try for the fastest time through the Louvre.
Bande a parte vs the Dreamers
We stayed until closing time, greedily eyeing every painting and statue we could as the staff gently corralled the lingerers towards the exits. Magic.

2 Responses to Allowing fish stocks to replenish

  1. Jody and Ken says:

    I stood in front of the Dreamer for about 45 minutes, agawp with the ability to transform marble iinto skin, upholstery, and folds of sheet. I get to Paris every couple of years and it never loses the ability to stop me in my tracks over something I didn’t know I was missing until I got there. Very brave of you to eat inside the museum. If you do want to get your money’s worth from high museum menu prices, have a beer or a glass of wine outside in the rooftop cafe atop the Pompidou around sunset. All of Paris will be laid out before you, with the rooftop of St. Eustache seemingly within touching distance. Ken

    • Bathmat says:

      Next time I’m in Paris I will have to follow your suggestion! Curse the weakening Australian dollar which simultaneously improves our exports and makes it expensive to eat in France with all its delicious offerings. The Dreamer was definitely a highlight for me as well. Every angle.

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