Some Australian archaeology and history blogs

Learn about¬†pseudo archaeology¬†in Australia with Denis Gojak at the Secret Visitor’s Project.

A History of Aboriginal Sydney provides an interactive map and timeline of events.

Cumberland/Gloucester Street in The Rocks, Sydney now sports a swanky youth hostel. Here’s the blog on the archaeology beneath and around it.

Needing sources on the Awabakal people near Lake Macquarie? University of Newcastle has an excellent collection of sources.

The Coal River Working Party advocate the important role Newcastle has played in NSW history.

Student blogs from archaeology programs at Flinders University, South Australia.

Exploring water-related archaeology with the Australian Maritime Museum.





El Hombre Valeroso: An Interview with Clive Sinclair

Some well-fed, expectant swans on Lake Burley Griffith

Canberra Contrappasso Launch

Last Saturday was the Canberra launch of Contrappasso Magazine. Manning Clark House in Forrest hosted the event.

Commonwealth Park, Canberra

Reminiscing on memories of paddle boating in Lake Burley Griffith…20121211-172449.jpg
Looking towards Parliament House across the lake…
Much appreciated shade in Commonwealth Park…20121211-173548.jpg
Examples from the National bonsai tree collection.

A brief stop in Goulburn

Goulburn provides a useful break to the drive from Sydney to Canberra.

Belmore Park…20121211-170811.jpg
Main Street and Paragon Cafe20121211-170828.jpg
Inside Paragon Cafe20121211-170907.jpg

On the weekend

As a special treat for eating at home all week and as a means of escaping the 37 degree heat, we went out for a delicious Italian meal at Capello in Balmain. It was very satisfying. We then walked down to the ferry wharf.