Time for a daily dose of shell

Only one more day to go on NaBloPoMo. It will be great to not finish work at the end of the day saying “Crap, what am I going to write/photograph? Crap, the light is gone. Crap, I’ll have to use the phone because the camera batteries are dead. Crap, this would be so much easier if I was in the field or travelling. Crappity crap crap.”

Without further ado, today’s offering from the collection are some examples of Cassidae Casmaria.

One of these shells was the home of a pet hermit crab, purchased from a pet store when I was in primary school. My friends and I held hermit crab olympics, with mazes and cargo nets (inspired by the tv show Gladiators). With hindsight this was cruel and confusing. The hermit crab in particular vacated the Casmaria shell for a more spacious home. It was such poor real estate that no other hermit crab took it up. Indeed the other crabs preferred to rip each others limbs off and forcibly remove one another from a desired property. By forcibly remove I mean mortally injure, pull the victim from its shell and drag it to the water bowl. Since I had availed the hermit crabs of a large portion of the shell collection I decided hermit crabs were not for me.




2 Responses to Time for a daily dose of shell

  1. Katie says:

    This shell is gorgeous! A perfect specimen of example 2a in your book.

    I know what you mean about NaBloPoMo taking over your evenings. Most of my evening was spent wondering what I was going to write about until I decided it was too hot to think… so I would write about how it was too hot to think. Perfect!

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