An evening’s entertainment

Day 21 of NaBloPoMo. Will the suffering end? Behind the scenes of this blog is a draft post listing all Westerns I’ve watched. But it requires more work and possibly more references to Glenn Ford. There’s an essay I have in mind about Blackfella Films and the power of narrative. That needs a good weekend of research. It got to this afternoon and I seriously considered one of WordPress’ daily prompts. I seriously considered up-ending my handbag or survey backpack and submitting the internet to snotty tissues, moldy fruit, scrunched up receipts, a rather gorgeous purse and crumbs. So many crumbs.

I began scanning my room for less foul blog fodder. Work files, field equipment, books, useless trinkets, teapots, a knitted dalek, art supplies. Holy crap! I have a shell collection! I can comb a shell collection for the rest of this damn NaBloPoMo, just see if I don’t! It’s crumb and snot free and that’s something most people hope for when combing.

But where to begin? A survey of my kingdom, a gap analysis, a movie with Glenn Ford!



2 Responses to An evening’s entertainment

  1. Katie says:

    Please, please do a sequence of shots where you hold up each shell and photograph it.

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