Clare is working!

It’s 10.13pm and still no NaBloPoMo entry for today. Sounds like time for an episode of Clare is Working!

Any good working day begins with the breakfast of champions, also known as the breakfast of future diabetics. In previous episodes of Clare is Working! the breakfast of champions has consisted of pizza, chocolate, fanta, wine. Today’s breakfast rated marginally less unhealthy- a bowl of nutrigrain and a cup of tea. Still, I won’t be competing in the Iron Man competition any time soon.

So what does a day in the office (roughly and without specifics) consist of?

I produced maps in ArcGIS for an excavation report and requested some fancier maps from our GIS specialists. I had a cup of coffee. I got some draft reports ready for internal review. I had a cup of tea. Later I liased with the accounts department regarding invoices for some projects and provided some advice to a client. I had a cup of tea. I also started to scope out works for a project our company is tendering on. It was followed by a glass of chocolate milk. And like a good chiliken I filled out a timesheet, leaving out some bonus overtime, beverage breaks and the consumption of leftover dahl. It was a productive day.

After work, I looked over a map for a friend who is presenting her research at the upcoming Australian Archaeological Association’s conference. I assisted in making it prettier.

Work complete, I exited the office and walked apporximately 10 m to enter the kitchen. I washed up multiple cups and watched Episode 1 of Redfern Now.

Here endeth another episode of Clare is Working!


One Response to Clare is working!

  1. Katie says:

    I liked the way you varied your tea intake with that glass of chocolate milk. Nice work.

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