Sunset on the Kidman Way Highway

You may or may not have noticed a little bit of a trend happening on this blog. Sunrises, sunsets, scenery – none of the Aboriginal sites and places that caused me to be in these remote locations in the first place. Alas, confidentiality agreements for commercial projects prevent sharing these photos with the wider world. Even if there wasn’t such a restriction I would also have to consider whether sharing those photos would place heritage items at risk and whether the local Aboriginal community associated with those sites would see such an action as appropriate. So, here’s a snapshot of sunset of the Kidman Way highway en-route from Hillston to Griffith!

My photography skills didn’t do it any justice. Next time I’ll try and remember to take two photos – one which captures the red soil and one which captures the sky. I hear there’s this thing called Photoshop which is popular with the kids these days.



3 Responses to Sunset on the Kidman Way Highway

  1. Katie says:

    In my day, we had to power Photoshop by hand and work by candlelight.

    • Bathmat says:

      And trudge six miles in the snow while the pixies in the camera were picketing for a 38 hour work week and a pair of mittens.

  2. orbphotog says:

    When you figure out photoshop let us all know!

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