A break to the present

I should find something with more artistic merit to dedicate to my good friend Alice but these will do in the meantime.

Sometimes I get stuck in my head. Too much time in front of screens, too little time outdoors.

Too much sitting, not enough activity. I know what I should do – not necessarily stop to smell the roses

(though I’m hardly one to judge if that’s what tickles your boat)

but definitely break the day up with outdoor activity, novelty and that other good stuff (eg. vegetables).

Well, my good friend Alice encouraged me to go for a walk and as way of novelty take nine photos of flowers or some number of something, maybe vegetables. My recollections of five hours ago are dim but I’m pretty sure the act was more relevant than the quantity or the specific item.

So this dirty, stained flower in Croydon and those above and below live on in perpetuity (known as WordPress’ servers) thanks to Alice’s friendship,

including this leaf which is neither flower nor vegetable.



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