Blog Roll

Quick post while my files are uploading to the work server. Blog roll! It sounds edible but is mostly time consuming.

First and foremost is It doesn’t get updated too often but the articles are always well thought out and referenced. Hominids, evolution, hooray!

A long term favourite is Colleen Morgan’s Middle Savagery. Colleen Morgan is an intrepid and pragmatic archaeologist. I find her dedication to quality archaeology, quality blogging and her work shoes inspiring.

Thanks to Middle Savagery, I have spent several hours on My Cartoon Version of Reality. It is the world of archaeology perfectly captured in slightly surreal cartoons. Also thanks to Middle Savagery is The Baking Archaeologist who also spends a lot of time thinking (and baking!) food.

Then there are the blogs of my dear friends; Katiefoolery with her abandoned houses and photography adventures, Flippyfrog with her knitted masterpieces (seriously, check out her daleks) and Dr. T’s exploration of historical figures’ medical histories. Oh and Matthew Asprey’s writings and cultural dalliances.

And much more but it’s time to get to work.



One Response to Blog Roll

  1. Katie says:

    I am loving the cartoon blog and I haven’t even made it through the entirity of the first post. This one must definitely go on to my reader!

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