Roaming in Western New South Wales

After an unexpected and early return to Australia some months ago, we are now settled in a new place and gainfully employed. I have been excavating for several months in the Hunter Valley but took some time out on the weekend to help some friends do some preliminary fieldwork for a potential research project. On the road we came across a monument (Goobothery Hill). Some historical photos from the National Library of Australia’s digital collection can be seen here. Nothing remains of the original burial mound. Also a point of curiousity is Evan’s depiction of the grave mound and carved trees with a hill in the immediate background, also not observed.


Goobothery Hill

A monument to the carved trees originally present

And here's just a random, non-related picture of the countryside.



2 Responses to Roaming in Western New South Wales

  1. Katie says:

    I think that’s kind of fantastic – a picture of where a burial ground used to be.

    Also: huzzah for the continuation of the Globe-Combing blog!

  2. Crazedturkey says:

    Look at thatamazing red soil…

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