For the misanthropic at heart…


Someone's response to the 'My Family' car stickers...

Rain clouds over Sydney

The view from our picnic at Balls Head.


Roaming in Western New South Wales

After an unexpected and early return to Australia some months ago, we are now settled in a new place and gainfully employed. I have been excavating for several months in the Hunter Valley but took some time out on the weekend to help some friends do some preliminary fieldwork for a potential research project. On the road we came across a monument (Goobothery Hill). Some historical photos from the National Library of Australia’s digital collection can be seen here. Nothing remains of the original burial mound. Also a point of curiousity is Evan’s depiction of the grave mound and carved trees with a hill in the immediate background, also not observed.


Goobothery Hill

A monument to the carved trees originally present

And here's just a random, non-related picture of the countryside.