Bye Bye Georgia

On the 25th April we departed Georgia for Istanbul.


One Response to Bye Bye Georgia

  1. Flit says:

    I am a fail friend who reads all your posts but rarely comments.

    I have so enjoyed your stories and photos of Georgia, I look forward to hearing of your travels around Turkey. I loved it so much, yet didn’t see enough of the country. I really hope the men don’t get you down like they did me. The further south you go and the further away you are from the markets the better they seem to be. And the more women you see in public. Istanbul can be such a double edged sword, and oddly conservative. Well, that’s what I found. Be interested to see what you think. 😀

    I missed you dreadfully on the last LorF trip and as much as I want you home so we can go on more stupid trips, I am so glad you appear to be having such an amazing time. I think it almost makes up for your LorFing absences.

    Hugs and kisses and safe travels, my dear.

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