New Years and Niagara Falls

31 December – 1 January

My brother, Matt and I spent seven hours on a bus from Montreal to Toronto. There we were met by my brother’s friend. We then spent some additional hours in the car to Niagara Falls. Our plan – join the masses at the Falls to celebrate New Years. We killed time at my brother’s friend’s friend’s house in Niagara Falls suburbia by watching bad movies and eating good food. We called several taxis. They told us to wait outside. And that is how we spent New Years – standing in the ‘warm’ on a suburban street in Niagara Falls, waiting for a taxi that never showed. Some small children ran down the street with sparklers.

The next morning we visited Niagara Falls proper after a Canadian style breakfast of french toast, bacon and maple syrup. We drove through the Las Vegas style hotels, casinos and arcades with flashing lights. We could hear the sound of games machines, pinballs and hawkers. Down by the falls, a hooker stumbled down the street worse for wear. Some tourist in a SUV stopped to take a photo of her. Crew from last night’s New Years concert were dismantling the stage and sound equipment. A thick fog obscured most of the falls. Through the fog you could see an old hydro-electricity station. On the way out of Niagara Falls, we drove back to the falls and got a clear view.

Onwards to Kitchener and the exceptionally good cuisine of my brother and his friend…


One Response to New Years and Niagara Falls

  1. Nice–so much water!

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