Plaza de las Tres Culturas

The many phases of construction. Several phases of the Aztec temple destroyed after the conquest of Cortes. 16th century church built from the stones of the Aztec temple

Detail of a dated panel

Steps of the church damaged by the 1985 earthquake


On the 2nd October 1968, an unknown number of students were massacred in the plaza by the Mexican army and police. 10 days later Mexico held the opening ceremony for the 1968 Olympics.

Templo Mayor

Right in the historic centre of Mexico City is the archaeological site of Templo Mayor. Templo Mayor is what remains of Tenochtitlan’s main temple. Below… Feathered serpant and chacmool, still showing original pigments.

Miscellaneous from Coyacan

Begging in Mexico

Sunday walk down Pro Reforma. Mothers and children dressed as clowns begging for money. One family were taking a break on stone bench. The mother took a long drag of her cigarette.

Police on rollerbades

Shiny things in the National Museum of Anthropology

So many shiny things…

Scale models

Thematic maps


Cranial binding

Two steps to make a Clare happy…

World class museum like the Museo Nacional de Antropología and/or artefacts

Good cake

Happy Clare!