Miscellaneous New York

Williamsburg Bridge

Me, Times Square, McDonalds and a woman being eaten by a coat

Pete's Candy Store - A great little venue for a reading of Gary Shteyngart's Super Sad True Love Story

Subway advertisement


2 Responses to Miscellaneous New York

  1. Flit says:

    ‘Free abortion alternatives’ has made me think of bad horrible things that I think is the exact opposite of what the sign was intending me to think. If I believed in hell I would surely be going to it, or maybe not, depending on the type of hell I suppose.

    You continue to make me jealous as all get out. I am thinking of abandoning my study plans for a one way ticket and a new laptop.

    • Bathmat says:

      The primary alternative offered on the sign was counselling. I imagine it is a lengthy process and may take up to nine months. After which you will be able to make a balanced and informed decision whether to abort your foetus or not…

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